The beauty subscription service everyone is talking about + Free subscription for our readers


By now, you shouldn’t be a stranger to the wonders of Beauty Pie – the beauty subscription service that you actually want to be a part of. We’ve been talking lyrically about the joys of the brand for a while, but we thought we’d take you through some of their flagship products again, show you a few of their new gems, and give you one too good to be true offer to take advantage of. Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

The Manual’s exclusive reader offer: free one-month subscription to the service. Go to and use code HANDBOOK at checkout. *

Beauty Pie, the members-only beauty club with completely free membership, cuts out the middleman, saving the customer mega £££ in the long run. They buy the best luxury makeup, skincare, perfumes, candles and hair care formulas in bulk – just like big luxury brands do – but cut out middlemen, physical stores, celebrity endorsements and retail mark-ups to ensure you get a fair deal. on your beauty arsenal.

So a product that will probably cost you £ 50 elsewhere will sell for around £ 15 with a Beauty Pie subscription. Packages start from £ 5 per month and save you up to 80% off typical prices. Plus, you can choose from some of the industry leading products approved by beauty editors.

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