Shropshire Chamber launches new range of membership packages

The Shropshire Chamber of Commerce has launched a new range of membership packages after listening to the views of the local business community.

Richard Sheehan, Chief Executive of the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

It includes a brand new all-inclusive option – the first of its kind in the UK Chambers of Commerce network – which gives businesses access to the full program of standard trainings and events over the course of the year.

The new structure means that instead of a ‘one size fits all’ approach, members now have the power to choose the solutions and services that best suit their particular business.

Managing Director Richard Sheehan said: “It will be a year of challenges and opportunities, and with the costs of doing business at record highs, being part of a business community has never been more important.

“We have looked at how we support our members, and the intelligence from the ground clearly shows that recruiting, skills, supply chain, new customers, costs and of course finance are preventing business leaders to sleep at night.

“We listened and created this new, innovative and cost-effective all-inclusive subscription that will do exactly what it says on the tin.

“This is the first of its kind in the UK, and we believe it will support economic and job growth in our county when businesses need it most.”

The all-inclusive membership package is launching at a discounted introductory rate of £895. The House’s essential and standard packages are also still available, at £295 and £495 respectively.

Mr Sheehan said: “We remain one of the most profitable accredited chambers in the UK.

“Shropshire Chamber is committed to being a market leader, supporting county businesses when they need it most and working under a clear not-for-profit mandate.

“We are ambitious and hungry for growth because we know that a connected and united business community is a thriving community.”

He added: “Over the past two years we have provided unprecedented levels of support, invested in people, free membership periods and signage when businesses needed it, funded by usage. of some of our reserves.

“With feedback from our members that recruitment remains a significant challenge and many companies looking to upskill their existing workforce to improve productivity and improve sustainability, the Chamber steps in when companies need it most.

“Add to this the continued search for new suppliers, cost savings and the importance of getting known in the eyes of other businesses and consumers, and our new and unique all-inclusive membership offer presents a cost-effective solution for many dailies. – daily challenges.

Further details are available from the Chamber team on 01952 208200, 01743 460486, or by emailing [email protected]

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