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MANCHESTER — The North Shore Regional 911 Center in Middleton says it will be able to carry out Manchester dispatch operations at no cost to the city.

Members of the regional dispatch and the city assumed that the state would cover all costs associated with the potential move since the two parties began discussing the possibility. On February 28, the realization of a feasibility study by the center confirmed this hypothesis.

“Manchester will not assume any financial responsibility to support the administration and operation of NSR911,” read a letter from executive director Frank Pozniak to the Manchester Board of Selectmen. This includes planned equipment purchases, capital improvements, maintenance and operations.

According to the study, the call center expects to spend $558,970 on new technology to onboard Manchester with its services. This new technology results in annual costs of $81,505, according to the report. Expenses include new mobile data terminals for cruisers, radio consoles, a fire station alert system and staff training.

The study indicates that between 2018 and 2020, the Manchester Police Department handled an annual average of 1,150,911 calls, 13,238 administrative phone calls, 15,350 service calls initiated by officers or firefighters and 334 unattended visits. appointment. During the same period Manchester Fire Service recorded an average of 515 fire calls, 455 EMS calls and 367 fire inspections per year.

In 2020 alone, the regional dispatch received 9,694 911 calls and 17,891 two-way emergency calls. However, even with Manchester’s additional call volume, the center will not need to hire additional staff.

“It was determined that NSR911 should have a total workforce of 44.2 full-time equivalents or FTEs,” the report said. “NSR911 is currently licensed for 44 FTEs; it should strive to fill all authorized FTE positions.

At a special town meeting this summer, voters in Manchester will decide whether they want to keep the local split or join the regional split. If voters choose to stay, they will need to confirm funding for a new console and distribute software and hardware ($270,000) and salaries for new dispatchers.

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