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    ➡ Scientists say there is an “anti-universe” that goes back in time

    Andriy OnufriyenkoGetty Images

    Here’s a story that has members’ heads spinning: Scientists believe there might be an “anti-universe” somewhere out there which looks like the mirror image of our own universe, reciprocating almost everything we do.

    This newly discovered ‘anti-universe’ could parallel our own universe, but researchers say it essentially spread ‘backward’ in time, before the Big Bang, the same way our universe progressed. forward in time. The model eliminates the need for something called “inflation,” a period of time when the universe expanded massively in order to account for its size soon after birth. Instead, the question could have naturally expanded over time in a less forceful way, which might simplify our explanation of what happened.

    If that sounds like wild and heady stuff, you’re absolutely right. But it could finally explain some of the most notorious unanswered questions in all of science, like this: what is dark matter? You are going to want read all the anti-universe stuff here. See you in the rabbit hole.

    ➡ Build your own smokeless brazier

    After evaluating a bunch of smokeless fireplaces, test editor Brad Ford decided to build one himself. “Without taking anything away from the companies that make the stoves,” he says, “they’re pretty simple once you understand how they work.”


    Bradley Ford

    The result is this easy plan to build your own smokeless fireplace, which members uploaded in droves. Ford started with a 55-gallon drum, roughly bisected horizontally, as the main body. Then he split one of these halves vertically down the side and pressed it to a smaller diameter to fit inside the other half; this created the double wall construction that makes these fireplaces work. After adding a bottom, Ford created a cap that connects the tops of the interior and exterior walls. Finally, he cut holes around the base on the outside, in the bottom on the inside, and around the top edge on the inside.

    “It certainly doesn’t look as good as commercially available ones, but it works,” says Ford. “And there’s pride in building it by hand.”

    Here is what you will need to make your own fireplaceand full instructions to build it.

    ➡ Can you solve the burning rope riddle?

    burning rope

    Michael Stillwell

    This simple puzzle recently appeared in a members-only newsletter. Do you think you can crack?

    You have two ropes coated in oil to help them burn. Each string will take exactly one hour to burn completely. However, the strings do not burn at constant rates; there are places where they burn a little faster and places where they burn a little slower, but it still takes an hour to complete the job. With a lighter to ignite the strings, how do you measure exactly 45 minutes?

    Click here to see the solution.

    ➡ Inside the new Ukrainian heavy artillery that will make Russia suffer

    robot popMilitary guru Kyle Mizokami, covered the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine with an eye on the technology used by all sides in the war. And as Western nations ship increasingly heavy weapons to a beleaguered Ukraine, one of the largest transfers to date is the equivalent of a field howitzer arsenal.

    Unlike the Ukrainian Army’s existing big guns, these artillery pieces are NATO caliber and are the key to unlocking the West’s precision-guided artillery technology. The technology, which includes GPS-guided artillery shells and tank-hunting ammunition, could make Ukrainian gunners exponentially more powerful.

    ukrainian artillery m982 excalibur

    The American army

    Ukraine is expected to receive more than 100 155 millimeter artillery pieces. The United States is expected to send 90 M777 towed howitzers, the towed artillery piece currently used by the US Army and Marine Corps; Australia is sending six M777s and Canada is sending four. The Netherlands has pledged six Pz2000 155 millimeter self-propelled howitzers, while France will send between 10 and 12,155 truck-mounted CAESARs.

    These howitzers have powerful implications for Ukraine’s striking power. Discover Mizokami full breakdown of the Ukrainian artillery fleetand see what weapons can mean for the future of warfare.

    ➡ The secret to a foolproof trucker hitch

    modified trucker's hitch knot stage 12

    Trevor Raab

    Test editor Roy Berendsohn shared the 12 steps to mastering his proven modified test trucker hitch knot with the members. It’s quick to learn, easy to shape and quick to untie. “I’ve used it hundreds of times to secure everything in my truck bed, from a stack of groceries to lawn mowers,” he says. “And it’s very strong; I have never seen a load come off.

    Find out how to rig the hitch to secure any load.

    ➡ Ask the Expert: The Near-Death Experience Doctor

    For the first time, scientists recorded the brain waves of a dying person. The researchers noticed that the brain of an 87-year-old man exhibited higher-order cognitive functions immediately after cardiac arrest, possibly indicating active memory recall.

    Sam Parnie

    Sylvain GabouryGetty Images

    We asked Dr. Sam Parnia, an expert on near-death experiences, what this study reveals about our brain activity at the time of death. Here is an excerpt from what he told us in the member-exclusive story:

    “For decades people have reported episodes of paradoxical lucidity and heightened awareness of death…although in the past it was assumed that these were only anecdotes. Which is the more intriguingly, this appears to occur when the brain shuts down at the end of life.This study supports these descriptions and certainly raises the possibility that a marker of lucidity at the end of life may have been discovered.

    Learn more about near death experiences here.

    ➡ About Pop Mech Pro

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