Pokemon Unite will introduce a monthly subscription

Pokemon Unite will soon integrate a paid monthly subscription with exclusive benefits for subscribers.

As reported by Serebii, TiMi Studio recently unveiled the first-ever Pokemon Unite subscription which rewards subscribers with exclusive items and perks. Here is a complete list of items and benefits subscribers will receive:

  • Holowear of the month
  • Two free license trials
  • Two Holowear license trials per week
  • 10% off Coach Fashion
  • 40 free gems per day

At this time, there are no details regarding when TiMi will implement the monthly subscription. Pokemon Unite will remain a free-to-play game, so players shouldn’t worry about mandatory subscriptions. Pokemon Unite’s next Battle Pass has also just arrived, which would mean hardcore players will need to prepare their wallets this month.

The monthly subscription set up in Pokemon Unite on top of an active Battle Pass is a bit of a concern. Not so long ago, players were already complaining that the game was paid. This is due to Item Boosters which improve the stats of the player’s Pokemon in-game. The only way to acquire Item Boosters is by using Aeos Tickets which can be purchased with real money. Players who spend real money will acquire Aeos Gems which can be used to purchase Aeos Tickets for item enhancers.

That being said, the gems acquired through the monthly subscription can be used to purchase Aeos tickets. This also means that subscription members will have the upper hand over regular players. Hardcore gamers will surely use this as an opportunity to increase their edge, but we can imagine this news won’t sit well with the rest of the player base. Hopefully the paid monthly subscription doesn’t end up killing the game.

Pokemon Unite is available on the Nintendo Switch console and Android and iOS devices.

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