Pokemon Unite Club membership costs $9.99 per month

the Pokemon Unite Club Membership, a monthly subscription service with various rewards, is now available. People can pay $9.99 per month to get free daily Aeos gems, Holowear of the month, weekly trial licenses and Holowear, workout cosmetics, portrait frames, chat bubbles, and discount 10% off fashion. The first Holowear of the month is a berry-inspired outfit for Greedent.

This is how it works. You benefit from 30 days of advantages from the day of your subscription. This entitles you to Holowear of the Month for the month you joined and cosmetics for the first membership. The other items appear on a daily or weekly bonus. To get an idea of ​​the value, 60 Aeos Gems cost $0.99 and someone gets 40 Aeos Gems every day for the duration of their subscription.

There are some limitations, which have been stated on the official website. For example, you cannot use trial licenses or Holowear during ranked matches. If you transfer save data, you also transfer your subscription. It is also possible to cancel your membership at any time.

Although you have to pay for it Pokemon Unite subscription, there is something you can get for free in the game right now. Espeon joined the cast of the game in May 2022. People can participate in missions to earn points to acquire it. If you don’t get the Espeon license this way, you need to purchase Aeos Gems to acquire it.

Pokemon Unite is available for the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. People can buy a Pokemon Unite Join the club now.

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