Open Source Initiative Launches New Free Membership Tier, Opens OSS Usage Survey 2022 – WP Tavern

The Open Source Initiative, the organization that manages the Open Source definition, has launched a new survey on the use of open source, in collaboration with OpenLogic by Perforce. The survey looks at the trends and challenges faced by organizations and users when adopting open source software today.

“In the 2022 State of Open Source survey, OpenLogic and OSI will gather information on the use of open source software, the level of open source maturity and strategy within organizations, and megatrends shaping the open source ecosystem, ”OpenLogic OSS Evangelist Javier told Perez.

The survey takes around 7-10 minutes and is applicable to users of all skill levels. Some of the questions aim to measure participants’ reluctance to use free software, which should give interesting results. It also asks about support challenges and the reasons for adopting specific open source technologies.

As a small incentive, attendees can enter an email address at the end for a chance to win a $ 200 Amazon gift card. The survey will end on January 7, 2022 and the results will be published in the 2022 State of Open Source report at the end of January. This information will help OSI continue to champion a healthy open source ecosystem.

The organization also recently launched a new level of free membership with limited capabilities.

“Not everyone can provide financial support, but we also want your participation! OSI’s new Executive Director, Stefano Maffulli, said at the launch. “Voting privileges are not included at this level, but you receive the cool digital membership badge to show your support for OSI.”

New registrants will receive an email with discounts on open source technology courses and open source hardware manufacturers, as well as a link to a membership page with a script that generates a unique digital badge.

Full membership costs $ 40 per year and includes voting rights to influence OSI programs. Launching a free membership tier on top of that is a strategic move for the Open Source Initiative that allows the organization to solidify its supporters and periodically seek financial support from a wider base.

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