Member-only discount supermarket extends free membership to people on social assistance


COMPANY Shop St Helens has extended its membership to those on means-tested benefits.

The Redistribute Supermarket is preventing some of the UK’s favorite household brands and supermarket products from going to waste by redistributing excess inventory to its members at discounted prices.

This means that members can buy food from Waitrose, Tesco, Nestlé and others at greatly reduced prices.

All of the food is up to date and perfectly safe to eat, but could have been wasted otherwise due to issues like wobbly labeling, a misspell on the packaging, or an overorder.

Membership is generally only open to people working in food and drink manufacturing, emergency services or the NHS and social services. However, due to the pandemic and rising unemployment, Company Shop St Helens has actively extended its free membership to people on means-tested benefits, in order to provide additional support to the local community.

As part of its network of social supermarkets, the Group already offers food access and support to thousands of households under conditions of means, and this initiative is an extension of this provision.

It is hoped that the large discounts available will help family budgets stretch further during tough times. Membership lasts for life and is completely free.

Company Shop Group has also temporarily extended membership to many key UK workers, including teachers and municipal staff.

Sally Wake, Commercial Director of Company Shop Group, said: “By extending free membership to people on social assistance, we can help even more families stretch their budgets even further in these difficult times. We would like to thank our food manufacturing and retail partners for their support in achieving this goal. ”

To help reinforce the positive social impact generated by extending Company Shop membership, the Group calls on local food businesses in the region with excess stocks to come forward, so that they can work together to provide a sustainable solution that will generate social, economic and environmental benefits.

Membership in Company Shop St Helens is free and eligible people can register through

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