Local Gym Helps Wounded Warriors Find Inner Strength With Free Membership


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – When we meet a veteran, we often say, “Thank you for your service. “

However, at Branded One Crossfit, veterans are offered more than just a thank you. They are offered a free gym membership.

Edward Haines served as a master sergeant in the Marine Corps for 20 years and tells 8 News Now that it has not been easy to find his way back to civilian life.

“The minute I walked through the door, the welcome and atmosphere there made me want to come back to this specific crossfit room,” Haines said. “Keeping this community has been beneficial for part of my sanity, finding like-minded people in a place other than a bar. “

Crossfit is a form of high intensity training. Haines says it reminds him of the brotherhood he felt when trying to achieve an objective with other Marines while in service.

“Knowing that we are going to share some of this fight again… because the fight brings a lot of camaraderie,” he added.

In addition to the equipment, the gymnasium has soldier’s boots right at the entrance and a proudly hanging American flag, adding to the welcome for those who serve.

“What we want to do is get them out of the house, give them something productive, something that could maybe give them the confidence to go looking for a job if they are able to do it, or just get out of their heads, ”said Nick McCombs, president of Branded One Crossfit.

Studies show that since 2001, around 114,000 veterinarians have died by suicide. It’s a frightening statistic, but Branded One hopes to give the military another mission in life on top of carrying the weight of the country.

“You legitimately feel good, so it relieves stress. It helps you feel better and it lasts for several hours after you finish, ”Haines said.

Disabled or not, the gymnasium has a place that awaits any veteran.

“It’s not just about them. It’s about bringing regular members of the community into the gym so they can feel like part of the community, ”adds McCombs.

In honor of Veterans Day, the gym will host its biggest fundraising event with a workout challenge on November 13. For more information on the Battle at Branded One Training Challenge, click HERE.

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