Little Falls golf course in the US offering free junior membership

If you’re taking up golf this winter and live in Minnesota, head to the Little Falls Golf Course. You won’t find a better deal for this New Year.

As first reported by The Morrison County Record, Little Falls no longer charges golfers for under-18 memberships to invest in the community.

The aim of this initiative is to get young people to practice sport, a sport which may be unaffordable for some people. City administrator Jon Radermacher is very excited about the project.

“If you make people addicted to golf, or at least exposed to golf when they are younger, they will come back when they are older and able to pay. They will be future members of our course. I think for us, this could bring great benefits, ”Radermacher said.

The junior fee for those under 18 was previously $ 200, but that, along with the family membership option, has also been removed.

Discounts for seniors and residents have also been removed, but single membership prices and couple prices in Little Falls have increased to $ 800 and $ 1,500 respectively.

In addition to benefiting young people, Little Falls on Edgewater Drive will be offering salary increases to their employees who have seen their workloads increase due to the growing demand in the sport.

Radermacher called the plan “radical”. Membership is free but the average green fee for 18 year olds is $ 45.

“With these changes on the membership side and then on the green fee side, I think that would really put us on the right track for years to come,” Radermacher continued.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of disruption in sports and live sports, golf has experienced a boom in the past 12 months with participation levels on the rise in America and the UK.

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