Launch of RuneScape on mobile devices, includes free seven-day membership trial for new players


RuneScape mobile is now available! After years of creation, one of the world’s greatest MMORPGs is now available for free download on Android and iOS devices. The mobile version of the game offers full cross-platform play and progression with its PC variant, and offers the same full experience, with all quests, characters, lore, and locations.

Jagex said it has over 1.8 million pre-registered players for the game, which is enough to unlock the five exclusive cosmetic rewards promised if there are enough registrations. There was never a public notice of what “enough” was, so we’ll be generous and assume those goals were met without any, um, “tweaks.”

In an article on the RuneScape website, Mod Warden said that the arrival of RuneScape on mobile means that there is “no better time to play RuneScape”. He said the first Elder God Wars dungeon front arrives in July, offering “the most varied and epic dungeon experiences to date.” Also on the program for the summer, new updates from Ninja Team, a return to The Beach and “several technical improvements and other surprises”.

If you’re interested, head to the Google or Android stores on your mobile device to download the game. New mobile accounts can request a free seven-day trial. And don’t forget to check out our interview with lead designer Dave Osborne about RuneScape mobile earlier this week!

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