How to Get a Free Membership at BJ’s Worth at Least $55

The bargains found at BJ’s are hard to beat.

But like most wholesale clubs, you have to pay a membership fee to join.


There are over 200 BJ clubs nationwideCredit: Getty

Membership fees can range from $55 to $110.

Considering the cost, sometimes buyers are not sure if the fee is worth it.

It’s a challenge for stores like BJ’s.

To attract new buyers and increase the number of members, the company offers a few offers.

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For buyers, this is a great opportunity to try out the membership.

Below are three ways people can enjoy it without paying full price.

One day shopping pass

A day pass allows non-members to purchase BJ’s exclusive online offers.

Registration can be done on the company’s website.

Buyers only need to provide a name and email address.

Regular subscription at half price

Although this option is not completely free, shoppers who already love the store can get 50% off the regular membership.

According to the company, the offer is limited in time.

Savings are $25, and new members will receive $60 in cash rewards.

The registration link can be found here.

Military affiliation

To show appreciation, BJ’s is offering all military members 25% off membership.

Veterans can apply the offer at any membership level.

The offer comes with a $10 coupon.

To qualify, veterans can verify their military affiliation here.

How much does a BJ’s subscription cost?

There are two levels of membership:

  • inner circle
  • Benefits Rewards

Inner Circle membership is $55 per year. Members get:

  • Coupons exclusive to BJ’s members
  • Free membership for a family member
  • Three additional members for $30 each per year

Perks Rewards membership is $110 per year. Members get:

  • Inner Circle benefits plus 2% cash back on purchases
  • Double or triple cash back on special events
  • Exclusive events throughout the year
  • BJ Travel Benefits

More information can be found here.

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