Edge Fitness Offers Free Pop-Up Immunization Clinic Membership


As Vermont nears the goal of an 80% vaccination rate, each stroke is another step towards lifting pandemic restrictions and returning to normal

Antonio and Maria Martinez were the first to line up at a pop-up vaccination clinic Monday at the Edge Fitness Club in Williston, where people could get vaccinated by either Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson.

“Take off the mask and be free again,” Antonio said.

“And also to help the governor hit the numbers,” Maria said.

The clinic was a partnership between Shaws and the Vermont Department of Health to reach people who had not yet received a dose. Edge CEO Mike Feitelberg said young Vermonters are a key part of the clinic.

“We have so many programs for young people, so many children who come here, we are already seen as this place where young people and family come,” he said. “So we thought it would be a good opportunity to help capture that market for the state and to be able to help our members and the state achieve that goal.”

People of all ages walked away with more than a vaccine in their hands. The Edge also offers a free one-month membership to anyone who has had the hang of it. This is an added bonus for those who just feel grateful to be vaccinated.

“Relief that we don’t have to worry because it’s kind of like a time bomb deep in your mind,” Martinez said. “You don’t know if you’re going to get it, so you might as well be safe and everyone should.”

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