CSP offers free membership to refugee physiotherapy staff and students

The CSP Council has decided to introduce the new special membership type to help physiotherapy staff and students who have been displaced from their own country and are seeking asylum in the UK or who have been granted humanitarian visas .

Previously trained overseas physios seeking asylum in the UK had no way of connecting to the UK physiotherapy community. This will allow them to retain access to professional development.

The Special Membership category will offer all of the same benefits that CSP Intentional Affiliate members currently receive, but will be free. because asylum seekers are not allowed to work in the UK.

These new membership changes will also provide cover for Ukrainian physiotherapists and physiotherapy students who may come to the UK after being displaced by the current conflict.

International solidarity with Ukraine

Ukrainian flag

The CSP expressed its solidarity with Ukraine and in particular with the Ukrainian Association of Physiotherapy (UAPT) and with the rehabilitation workers in Ukraine.

We have also donated to the TUC International Fund to support our sister organizations in Ukraine.

And last week, the CSP successfully proposed a motion on Ukraine at the TUC Women’s Conference.

CSP policy director Rob Yeldham said: “We continue to support UTC and physiotherapy global solidarity initiatives. World Physiotherapy is developing plans to support rehabilitation in the wider region, in recognition of the long-term impacts of war.

“The prospect of recovery has also been raised by trade unions and, more importantly, we are trying to maintain contact with the Ukrainian Physiotherapy Association.”

Information on asylum and migration pathways in the UK and CSP membership for asylum seekers can be found here


The CSP also endeavors to help members of the Ukrainian Association of Physiotherapy (UAPT) who would like to use the UK sponsorship scheme.

“The law prevents us from offering individual advice on immigration and asylum”, Rob Yeldham said.

“So we are working on ways to directly link UAPT members to CSP members who may want to host them.

So far about 30 CSP members have expressed interest in hosting Ukrainian physios

“What we don’t know yet is what the demand will be and even if the information can be passed on to colleagues in Ukraine.”

Information on how CSP members can support asylum seekers and displaced physios can be found here

Supporting refugee physios in practice

Prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, CSP was already working with Health Education England and the Department of Health to help refugee physios gain HCPC accreditation and access to work, and this work continues.

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