Coupang Offers Most Attractive Paid Membership Benefits Among Ecommerce Businesses

Membership in Coupang Wow offers a variety of benefits to its members.

An increase in consumer use of paid membership in the e-commerce marketplace is fueling competition among e-commerce companies for service fees and benefits.

Coupang’s Wow membership is currently considered the most reasonable paid e-commerce membership. It offers a variety of advantages in Purchase and Retail Services (OTT).

Coupang’s Wow service allows members to use rocket delivery services, which deliver purchased items to customers the next day without limitation.

In addition, Wow members get a chance to purchase products at a special price for each special offer presented by Coupang. Depending on the product, prices are set separately for Wow members, so there is a marked difference in the benefits. On top of that, Wow members can take advantage of exclusive discount coupons.

Comparing Coupang Wow with the paid membership systems of other ecommerce companies A, B, and C, there are clearer differences. A and C do not provide unlimited free shipping, early morning delivery, and same day delivery services, which are already provided to Wow members. Company B is also restricting its once-per-day free delivery service.

Wow members can return purchased items for free without any conditions, but members of other ecommerce companies cannot. In the case of direct overseas purchases, the direct rocket products supplied by Coupang are delivered free of charge, but only certain products are delivered free of charge for company C.

In terms of the benefits of subscribing to digital content, Wow members can use Coupang Play at no additional cost. Company C also offers free content subscriptions, but Company A has limited content services and Company B does not offer any content services. In addition, additional discounts on purchases are only offered to Wow members, and no additional discounts to members of other companies.

In addition, Coupang Play continues to invest regularly. With the expansion of famous sports broadcasts, the number of games that Wow members can watch live is increasing. In particular, the original Coupang Play series are also popular. SNL Korea’s “One Day”, a popular comedy program, became a smash hit, leading to an increase in Coupang Play users.

Coupang adjusted the Wow membership fee to 4,990 won per month only for new subscribers on December 29. Although new Coupang Play subscribers may face an increase in their fees, subscriber growth will continue as they will be able to enjoy content at a lower price with many Coupang benefits, industry insiders say.

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