Capable Kids Launches Free Membership Program Due To Recent Growth


MISSION, Texas (KVEO) – The Capable Kids Foundation is rolling out a new membership program to reflect recent growth. In the midst of the pandemic, the association continued its mission of inclusion of people with disabilities by switching to virtual events.

“We have workouts on Wednesdays, Social Saturdays – where we continue to interact virtually with our families just to make sure they see people, communicate and laugh – and we just make sure everyone is okay. “said Capable Kids Executive Director Sofia Peña.

Peña says that due to the fact that many members of this community also have their schools online, Capable Kids is growing, leading them to create a free membership program to keep everyone connected.

“More and more families of children with disabilities are looking for activities with their children and things to do,” she said.

Eight-year-old Andres Lobato from Pharr has been involved in their sports activities for years.

“Without these events, my child would not be the child he is now,” said his mother, Minerva Barrera-Garcia. “It really helped. ”

She adds that while he struggles to stay engaged with the new zoom platform, it’s important that he continues to participate.

“Right now with COVID, he’s with the commotion and stuff,” she said. “He’s a little worse than ever, but all of these activities have done tremendous things for him. I know for a fact that he helped her. He needs this interaction ”

Lorenzo Tijerina of Mission is looking forward to the sessions, which he says keep him active.

“It’s nice to see my friends in their house, their smiles for myself,” he said. “It’s just a zoom call but makes us happy to see each other.”

Membership is unrelated to disability or age, and Peña says that with her transition to online services, anyone interested in the state of Texas can enroll.

In addition to physical activities, Capable Kids also offers mental health services.

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