Announcing our 2022 Street Service Membership Benefits

Today we are excited to announce our 2022 Streets Dept Patreon Membership Benefits! Direct support from you, our readers, helps us maintain and foster this journalism effort. And in return, we give you exclusive content, printed publications from the Streets Dept, and access to walking tours/events!

Who should subscribe to our Streets Dept Patreon:

  • Long-time subscribers who want to show their support!
  • Independent Journalism Enthusiasts
  • Anyone who wants to continue seeing less advertising in Streets Dept
  • People who want access to exclusive content, printed materials from the Department of Streets, and walking tours/events

Why We Chose Patreon: We launched our Patreon in May 2021 in response to the loss of advertisers during the pandemic. And by moving from a more ad-supported journalism effort to a more reader-supported effort, we were able to create many more stories, commentary and resources, and even our very first print magazine! In 2022 and beyond, we consider the direct support of you, our subscribers, to be essential in building our sustainability and growing this blog to eventually invite more journalists, writers and photographers to contribute. In short, the more we can count on you, our readers, the more we can offer!

Our 2022 member benefits: We learned a lot from our first 9 months on Patreon. And thanks to a recent survey we sent out to our members, we have a much better idea of ​​the types of benefits you most want to receive from us. So, like any creative endeavor, we’ll periodically update perks to refine what we do best and keep delivering new and exciting stuff!

How to become a member: Just click this linkchoose a membership level and Patreon’s platform will let you set it all up!

We love to explore, celebrate, and report on Philadelphia’s street art, public art, and public space, and we’re excited to continue to do so with your support. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Conrad Benner + Eric Dale

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