Angie’s List Now Offers Free Membership Nationwide

  • Green: free nationwide access to businesses in over 700 service categories; nationwide access to over 10 million verified consumer reviews and reviews; and the monthly digital form of the company magazine.
  • Money: includes all green features plus Angie’s Fair Price Guarantee and Angie’s Quality of Service Guarantee, exclusive discounts, chat and email customer support, bi-monthly print magazine for $ 24.99 one year.
  • Gold: includes all green and silver features along with a complaints resolution process and phone customer support for $ 99.99 one year.

Benefits that are expected to be added in the coming quarters include tools for pricing, project planning and funding (through partnerships), a DIY chat line, a home emergency service line, instant hire, as well as e-commerce savings.

“This is a transformative time for Angie’s new list as we welcome more consumers to our community so they can experience the cutting-edge value and unique services we offer,” said President and CEO from the management of Angie’s List. Scott Durchslag during a launch event at new York. “Now, with our new offerings, the 10 to 12 million visitors who visit our site each month looking for help with their homes will be able to more easily find the best local service providers.

“We completed the migration of our technology platform earlier than expected, quietly downsized our ratings, moved our existing members to new levels, and signed new members. This allowed us to assess organic demand and evolve the new platform more gradually. , in preparation for our integrated marketing launch today. “

“I am impressed with the enthusiasm with which consumers are adopting our new offering and delighted with the strong growth in the number of new memberships and the engagement that we are seeing. Since the discontinuation of the review paywall, a number of key member metrics are picking up pace again. new member registrations almost quadrupled from a year ago, and among these members, unique visits more than doubled. During the same period, searches for unique members more than doubled and the number of service provider profile views of those members more than doubled. Although these are only the first few days, the data is very encouraging. While the growth in the number of new free members will not impact short-term revenue, it is a critical step in executing our profitable growth plan, ”he said. added.

Angie’s List sets the industry standard for quality by only authorizing service companies that have achieved high marks for demonstrating superior customer service performance; passed a criminal background check; and has provided a valid license certificate to advertise and offer discounts to its members.

To celebrate the new membership levels, the first 5,000 consumers to sign up, starting today at Noon Eastern Time, on will automatically be entered into a raffle offering a grand prize of $ 20,000 for their next home improvement project. In addition, another 150 new members will receive free upgrades to the next membership tier or one year free to a premium tier if the initial membership was at a price tier. Fifty Gold memberships and 100 Silver memberships will be awarded.

About Angie’s List
Finding a pro for a job well done is made easy online by visiting Over three million consumers nationwide use Angie’s List, a leading provider of reviews, offers and information in over 700 service categories to help them improve their homes. Built on a foundation of over 10 million verified reviews of local services, Angie’s List connects consumers directly to its online services marketplace and offers unique tools and support designed to improve the local service experience for consumers. consumers and service professionals.

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Leslie arena, Investor Relations, 317-808-4527 or [email protected]

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