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Corporate health plans are the majority in our country compared to private individuals. But do you know who can be dependent on the business health plan?


Most business health plans offer the possibility of including dependents. Find out how it works in your plan.

It’s really reassuring to work for a company that has this valuable benefit. But, as important as that, is to find out to which dependents your business health plan can be extended.

Is it possible to include the spouse? Or are only children dependent on nature and have access to the security that a plan offers?

Who can be dependent on the business health plan

Who can be dependent on the business health plan

Let’s get out of doubt and explain who can be dependent on the business health plan.

According to the National Supplemental Health Agency (ANS), when a health plan is provided in the contract, it can be extended to dependents as described below:

– Relatives of third degree blood: great-grandparents, great-grandchildren, uncles and nephews;

– Relatives of 2nd degree blood: grandfathers and grandchildren;

– Relatives of 1st degree of consanguinity: parents and children;

– Spouse and companion: husband and wife of the employee benefited, as well as companions (homosexual relations),

– Relatives by affinity: in-laws.

How to include dependents?

How to include dependents?

Newborns, natural or adoptive, who are the children of employees who have health plans, can enter directly into the parent’s plan. They can also take advantage of the shortcomings that have been met by the holder.

But even under these conditions, they must meet certain criteria:

– The parent who is the beneficiary of the plan must register the child within 30 days of birth or adoption;

– The health plan of the holder must belong to the hospital category with obstetrics;

– Even if the birth has not been covered by the operator of the health plan of a parent, registration can be made.

Now that you already know who can be dependent on the business health plan, see if you fit into one of the above cases.

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Valued benefit

Valued benefit

For the worker of a company, having a health plan that can be extended to family members is a true differential. This results in more health and safety for everyone’s everyday life.

It is also a successful initiative for the company. This is because it will have reduced the number of absence due to health problems with the employees themselves. And also because of faults that may occur because of problems involving family members.

One thing is certain: the healthier the employee and his family, the better for the productivity of the company.

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Economy on the agenda

Economy on the agenda

Taking care of your health is a basic necessity. Those who do not work in companies that offer the health plan as a benefit end up paying more expensive costs.

There is another important quality for the employee who has a business health plan. The value that is passed on, in general, is symbolic and fits in your pocket, guaranteeing the tranquility that everyone seeks when it comes to health.

Now, if you are an entrepreneur and have not thought about knowing better the aspects that involve this subject to present this benefit to your employee, better know. See also RJ’s best business plans.