Home Loans: Financing For Home Furnishings Up To € 80,000

Another form of financing is the loans for the purchase of furniture, appliances and home furnishings in particular.

This type of financing can also be provided in the classic form or finalized consumer credit (thus specifying the asset to be purchased) and requesting a specific sum equal to or less than the value of the asset or through non-finalized loans such as the fifth salary assignment or personal loans.


Loans for the home, when it comes to the common formula of consumer credit, can be requested directly at the point of sale where the furniture, appliances or goods in general intended for home furnishings are purchased.

In this case the financial company affiliated with the point of sale will directly liquidate the total (or partial) amount to the retailer who will deliver the goods to the beneficiary of this loan

If instead you choose the form of personal financing (which is a loan through a redeemer or an assignment of a fifth) it will not be necessary to indicate the end nor the exact value of the asset and you can request even higher sums.
In this case the bank or financial institution will liquidate the amount directly to the applicant who will take care of the purchase.