3 Questions and Answers about Investing.





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How do I invest?

There are many options, some much more complicated than others, it is best to choose the one that suits you best and offers you advantages.

Something you should always take into account is the diversification of your money, remember that saying “Never put all the eggs in one basket”. The best way to take care of your money is always diversifying.

The crowdlending or crowdfunding loan is an option that allows you to start with a small amount, so you can try and see how your money gets yields much higher than those that offer in conventional markets.


How much do I invest?

To open an account in Lydia Languish you only need $ 2,500 pesos, with this amount you can diversify into 5 people lending them $ 500 pesos each. In the end, you choose how much to lend to each person. On average, you will be able to yield up to 15%.

Remember that diversification is the key to success in investments and in Lydia Languish you can diversify your money to achieve your goals.

Invest online, invest in people, invest easily


Now is a good time, think about how many times you have considered investing your money but you do not find the right way or do not have enough money to do it because many times they ask you for a minimum amount too high. Lydia Languish is a good excuse to put aside that laziness and put your money to work.

You only need a computer, official ID, an account and transfer the money you want to start investing in Lydia Languish, remember that the amount needed to have a portfolio is $ 2,500 pesos, there is no maximum amount for your portfolio, remember that more money have in your Lydia Languish account, you can diversify better and get more returns.

Invest your money by lending to people

It is very easy to invest in Lydia Languish, we hope you start as soon as possible to revolutionize your finances, we are waiting for you.